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How does it all work?


All material at BibleClassMaterial.com is sold as a downloadable Adobe PDF file. We do not mail printed books or printed material.  You will not receive a "hard copy" in the mail after your purchase.

If you want to purchase printed material go here.

Before doing that -- try the download method!  It is easy, free, and instant.  It all depends on you having Adobe's free reader program, Acrobat, installed and working on your computer.  If you have not downloaded and installed Acrobat you must do that first.  Click the Adobe logo below:

Then come back to BibleClassMaterial.com and load up on quality Bible class material!

If you have Acrobat installed what do you do next?

  1. Browse the many different titles available.  More are being added continually.

  2. Choose what you want and click the BUY NOW button. 

  3. You will be automatically taken to our secure credit card payment site.  PayPal, one of the the largest pay facilitators on the Internet, is owned by Internet giant Ebay.  They take care of the credit card side of your purchase and provide instant downloading of your material.  Their servers are safe and secure.  You do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card at www.BibleClassMaterial.com 

Don't want to pay over the Internet?  Click here.

Can't make the computer do the download thing and just want to buy a printed out copy of the material?  Click here.